Singular Thought.

As I type this, Kiri knit on US 10.5s with a lovely, slightly heavier than worsted teal yarn I got at Rhinebeck, is blocking on the floor of my living room.

Kiri is slightly damp, my hands smell faintly of Soak (A Scent for Celebration!), and though the shawl turned the soaking water Hawaiin Punch Blue, the color is still vibrant in the yarn.

I can’t stop looking at it. Good thing the couch has a nice view.

Next up? Dan will buy me a new needle, and Icarus will get finished. I think I’ll invest in some blocking wires as well, as I don’t think my carpet is very happy to be pinned so much. Also I think it would be easier and my knees wouldn’t get so wet, crawling all over the shawl and pinning. And all it takes is one extra pin left in the carpet to get a pin in your foot…

Before that though? Wrap Style is on its way to me. The Shetland Triangle is practically begging me to knit it. Now, to just dive into my stash and find the perfect yarn… I’m thinking perhaps the two skeins of Manos Silk. Oooh. That sounds nice.

Pictures tomorrow, when there’s better light. But belief me. It’s spectacular.

All I want to knit is lace. Lace, lace, lace, lace, lace.


2 Responses

  1. I bought some blocking wires and boy do they make it easier! Less pins=less chances to forget one. My husband has decided I need a blocking frame and is busily cutting and sanding away in the workshop (garage).

  2. You’re a lace fiend!

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