FO: Another lace shawl.

I cast on for this on Saturday afternoon, after discovering that Dan had stepped on the needles for the shawl I was working on (he has since bought me a new needle, but I’m still waiting on it, as KnitPicks shipping isn’t the fastest). Worsted weight wool and US10.5 needles and an easily memorizable lace pattern made the knitting fly by.

Pattern: Kiri (available free here)
Yarn: Mediterranean by Reflections on Roclan, two skeins. I bought this yarn at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in 2007. Just under two skeins, aprox 500 yards.
Needles: KnitPicks Harmony interchangeable US10.5s (I think – Harmony needles aren’t labeled, and I always forget to stick them in the needle gauge. I liked the fabric I got, so it wasn’t a problem).

Details on Ravelry.

Pre-Blocking (that’s a US35 or 50 needle)

The original pattern is written for Kid Silk Haze, and on smaller needles. I knew I wanted to use worsted weight, so I just stepped up the needle size. I don’t know how many repeats of the pattern I did (five, maybe?). I worked the repeats until I finished the first skein of yarn, then finished that repeat and worked the border. This left me with maybe 1/2 an oz of yarn left, so I used all of the yarn that I could. If I had run out of yarn, I had planned to cast off in Chestnut Brown Paton’s Classic Merino – or even work the full border in that. I thought the color would work well with the teal. But, I didn’t need to do that. It was a comforting thought when I wasn’t sure if I would make it.

OK, this picture is more of a windy picture of my new hair-cut.

As soon as I cast off, I wove in the ends, and gave it a long soak in some wool-wash. A lot of dye leached out, but the color of the yarn didn’t fade too much.

It blocked out beautifully. I was worried about the heavier worsted wool, but the fabric is light, and the lace feels delicate and soft. The yarn and fabric blocked beautifully. And it’s so big!

There’s something so magical about knitting lace. I still can’t believe that I knit that.


4 Responses

  1. Hee! I love that last picture! The shawl came out beautiful (and your hair looks incredible in these pictures!)

  2. Beautiful! (the shawl and you)

  3. It’s beautiful, it goes really well with your coloring too. Great job!

  4. You’ve got it in one. Co’ndlut have put it better.

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