Bullet-Proof Garter Stitch

What seems like miles of garter stitch is actually only six inches.

Beginning of the February Lady Sweater

It feels like so much more than that.

This is the start of the February Lady Sweater, a loving and wonderful adaptation of EZ’s classic February Baby Sweater. It made its internet debut while I was in Massachusetts for the wedding, but I made its acquaintance when I came back to the blog-world, and introduced Lindsey when she got back from Hawaii.

We’re both knitting it.

In the same yarn.

Back at Rhinebeck 2007, we each bought a full bag of worsted wool from The Little Barn – Filatura Lana Chaco, I think it’s called. Great colors, nice plie, and CHEAP. Lindsey has a soft buttery yellow – I have a peacock teal. You might recognize it as the yarn that was once almost a cabled pullover inspired by Indigirl’s Charisma cable pullover.

Yes, almost. I ripped it out. It was a little sad. A little. All of those lovely cables!

Now that you’re done cringing, I’m really happy with my progress on the FLS so far. I’m knitting the large on US8s, and though it’s getting a little crowded on my 32″ circ, it’ll be OK once I get past the yoke.

Beginning of the February Lady Sweater

Because I’m crazy, and need everything to be bulletproof and dense, I’m double stranding the yarn for the garter yoke – I always find garter stitch stretches like crazy, and whenever I ripped back with a single strand, I felt like every single mistake could be seen. So this yoke is tough. Nice and dense, with a good hand, but quite rigid. And squishy. If that’s possible.

I’ve done 17 of the 30 or so increases in this top down raglan. This is my least favorite part – I like to knit my sweaters from the top up because once you get to the yoke? You decrease! It practically flies by! By top down raglans.. each row gets longer and longer and longer…

Thanks for the comments on my Shetland Triangle. I have yet to block it. It sits on the couch, mocking me. I have to weave in the ends before I block it, and that just seems so daunting.. especially when there’s garter stitch to be knit.


Hello out there.

Life has been nuts.

I mean, the good nuts, not the tear out your hair nuts.

My Celebrant business is getting off the ground.  Lindsey and Ben got MARRIED.  I’m finally done with my training for my day job, which means that I won’t be traveling anytime soon (I went to Orlando twice in three weeks for training).  Those are all very good things.

Shetland Triangle, Pre-Blocking

In the midst of getting to this calmer, more serene place, past the good crazy, there hasn’t been much time for knitting.

Shetland Triangle, Pre-Blocking

I finally cast off for a shawl project I’ve had on the needles for a few months – The Shetland Triangle, by Evelyn A. Clark in Wrap Style.  I bought the book simply for this shawl – I love Clark’s simple triangle shawl designs.  I need to get my hands on a copy of the Flower Basket Shawl – I think that’s my next plan (I have the issues of IK that it’s in, but I can’t find it anywhere).

Shetland Triangle, Pre-Blocking

I used Manos Silk/Wool blend, a DK weight yarn, and a US9 needle, larger than what was called for in the pattern.  I used a total of 4 skeins, for a nice, big shawl – I’ve decided I like my shawls large.  I’ll see how it looks once it blocks out.

In life/knitting news, I’ve been actually wearing my other two shawls!

On the way to graduation...
Kiri at my Celebrant graduation.

With the beautiful bride (and Kiri)

Lindsey and I on the move (I like my shawls larger so I can easily wrap it around my shoulders, tuck it under my arms, and tie it in the back – easily stays on, looks beautiful, and doesn’t cover up my dress)

Jeannie & Tom's Wedding.
Swallowtail shawl while performing a wedding.

Lindsey & Ben’s wedding ceremony was an amazing experience – and it had handknitting, too! Lindsey knit a shrug and matching purse to wear – but it was nearly 100 degrees, so she didn’t wear the shrug. She also knit her handfasting cord with the extra yarn! I helped her finish it the evening before the wedding.