Dan’s yarn joke.

It’s Sunday morning.  I’ve finally picked up my February Lady Sweater, to start the second sleeve.  It’s currently on some scrap cotton yarn, and I was gently pulling the yarn out and picking up the stitches.  I turned to put the scrap cotton on the side table, and instead dropped it in my glass of water.

So I cursed, and picked it out.

Dan, standing in the kitchen, asked what I said.  “I dropped my yarn in my water,” I replied.

To which he said: “That’s silly.  The only dropping that should happen in yarn is dropped stitches.  LOOK! I made a knitting joke!”


Yarn Crawling Weekend!

I’m a bad blogger, and because of this, I am going to redirect you to Lindsey’s blog for the moment, where she posted about our FABULOUS yarn crawl of a weekend.  Even though I may be allergic to Massachusetts (my sneezing got worse and worse as the day progressed!), it was an unbelievable amount of fun – the cool thing was going to six different yarn shops and finding something amazing and interesting in each one!  Though there was a yarn overlap, there were always new colorways or ideas at the different stores.

And Lindsey set it all up!  She made maps and everything! THEY WERE COLOR CODED.  THERE WERE COLOR CODED MAPS.

It was an AWESOME weekend, and it would have been an absolute blast hanging out with Lindsey, even if there was not a huge amount of yarn involved.

Anyway, go check out what she wrote while I unload my pictures – and I’ll steal one photo – LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL MANOS THAT I AM HOLDING.

Obviously, I feel strongly about this because of the caps.  I am hopelessly behind in blogging, in knitting, and in life, and have some weddings I need to catch up on, so knitting has to go in the backseat for now 😦

PS:  Lindsey has been making beautiful needle felted and embroidered pins lately.  She made me this beautiful one!


Green! Yarn! Wool! WOOHOO!