Dan’s yarn joke.

It’s Sunday morning.  I’ve finally picked up my February Lady Sweater, to start the second sleeve.  It’s currently on some scrap cotton yarn, and I was gently pulling the yarn out and picking up the stitches.  I turned to put the scrap cotton on the side table, and instead dropped it in my glass of water.

So I cursed, and picked it out.

Dan, standing in the kitchen, asked what I said.  “I dropped my yarn in my water,” I replied.

To which he said: “That’s silly.  The only dropping that should happen in yarn is dropped stitches.  LOOK! I made a knitting joke!”


2 Responses

  1. That he knows you drop stitches deserves a pat on the back that he turned it into a joke. . . give that man a Klondike Bar.

  2. Wow- that’s funny.

    Ben gets really proud of himself if he makes some sort of yarn reference. Sometimes he just walks around asking me if I’m going to purl.

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