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    When was seventeen, I decided I wanted to learn how to knit. I looked up directions online, got really excited, and ran downstairs to find my mother and inform her of my plans.

    She looked at me, sighed, and said, 'Why can't you go out and get drunk, like a normal seventeen year old?'

    I'm still yarn obsessed.

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Etsy Friday!

In honor of an impending Lindsey visit, here’s an Etsy Friday!

I have a dumpling problem. I mean – it’s not like my pink cat nose problem (the single most adorable thing in the world!), but I do love almost any kind of dumpling – pot stickers, shumai, pierogie, ravioli, wontons… take a little bit of dough and wrap it around a filling, and I’m in (in fact, I don’t like shrimp, but will eat shrimp dumplings).

And to make it even better – Lindsey is visiting this weekend, and we are planning a House marathon and a dumpling tasting, with some knitting thrown in – can you imagine a better weeked?
This happy little dumpling brooch just makes me smile!
These dumpling magnets are so realistic looking that they are reminding me I haven’t had lunch yet… perfect to hold your Chinese food menus on your fridge!
In addition to cat noses and dumplings, I also have a fascination with fake food. I got it from my mom, I think. Doesn’t this little mini bowl of soup with wontons and noodles adorable??
Wear your dumpling buttons with pride – Team International Dumpling gives you a few to choose from, so you can show wear your favorite!
There’s even a little soy sauce dish for dipping! She has a ton of other great dim sum felt favorites in her shop, too!
Who wouldn’t want a little smiling dumpling cell phone charm?
This full dumpling meal of felt is incredible!

Now I want my dumpling filled weekend to start already!


5 Responses

  1. Man, now I’m hungry! And I just ate! One of my friends makes fried ravioli wontons. They are so delicious. Spinach and ricotta filling in wonton wrappers, deep fried.

  2. I love fake food, too! Olive is getting a little wooden kitchen for Christmas, and it is taking a lot of restraint to not go crazy and buy her tons of wooden food…maybe next year.

  3. This is an awesome Etsy Friday!!!! And now I want dumplings eventhough I have a burrito for lunch! Wow- burritos are like dumplings’ cousins!!

  4. I am right there with you…wrap it in dough and I am sold!
    great post!

  5. These are great, I almost ate one.

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