Etsy Friday!

In honor of an impending Lindsey visit, here’s an Etsy Friday!

I have a dumpling problem. I mean – it’s not like my pink cat nose problem (the single most adorable thing in the world!), but I do love almost any kind of dumpling – pot stickers, shumai, pierogie, ravioli, wontons… take a little bit of dough and wrap it around a filling, and I’m in (in fact, I don’t like shrimp, but will eat shrimp dumplings).

And to make it even better – Lindsey is visiting this weekend, and we are planning a House marathon and a dumpling tasting, with some knitting thrown in – can you imagine a better weeked?
This happy little dumpling brooch just makes me smile!
These dumpling magnets are so realistic looking that they are reminding me I haven’t had lunch yet… perfect to hold your Chinese food menus on your fridge!
In addition to cat noses and dumplings, I also have a fascination with fake food. I got it from my mom, I think. Doesn’t this little mini bowl of soup with wontons and noodles adorable??
Wear your dumpling buttons with pride – Team International Dumpling gives you a few to choose from, so you can show wear your favorite!
There’s even a little soy sauce dish for dipping! She has a ton of other great dim sum felt favorites in her shop, too!
Who wouldn’t want a little smiling dumpling cell phone charm?
This full dumpling meal of felt is incredible!

Now I want my dumpling filled weekend to start already!


5 Responses

  1. Man, now I’m hungry! And I just ate! One of my friends makes fried ravioli wontons. They are so delicious. Spinach and ricotta filling in wonton wrappers, deep fried.

  2. I love fake food, too! Olive is getting a little wooden kitchen for Christmas, and it is taking a lot of restraint to not go crazy and buy her tons of wooden food…maybe next year.

  3. This is an awesome Etsy Friday!!!! And now I want dumplings eventhough I have a burrito for lunch! Wow- burritos are like dumplings’ cousins!!

  4. I am right there with you…wrap it in dough and I am sold!
    great post!

  5. These are great, I almost ate one.

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