A Very Yarn-y Wedding

My apologies if you also read my wedding blog.. but this was too knitting related to not post here also!

After many emails back and forth with Lindsey, we’ve decided on the following yarn related projects for my wedding:

My Veil:

Yes, I’m going to try and knit my veil. I’ve ordered the yarn, but it’s on back order, so it’ll come in a few weeks. I had fallen in love with Handmaiden Lace Silk in their “Ivory” colorway – a gorgeous natural blend of beiges, creams, ivories, and whites. Really subtle and really gorgeous – and also really expensive.

I knew I wanted some silk or shiny blend in their, to give it a beautiful glow, but I didn’t want to go broke either. I find WEBS has a yarn – a merino/tencel blend – that is light, shimmery, and beautiful. And it comes in cones! Perfect for huge lace projects! Plus, I’ll have extra yarn – so I won’t have to rip out my swatches to use. This will work out well for me because we’re going to experiment with dying the yarn to get that lovely hand-dyed look that the Handmaiden had. Lace dying party!

I’m planning on knitting a square or circular shawl, and then folding it over about a third (so there will be a bottom layer that is longer than the top layer, and a straight edge to gather onto the comb), and attaching it under my hair (I’m going to wear my hair up).

Shetland Tea Shawl - Current Top Contender

Shetland Tea Shawl - Current Top Contender

And, if in the end, it doesn’t work out? I’ll have a beautiful lace shawl, and we’ll by a veil. That’s why I’m starting it a little under 600 days out!

My Shrug:

As I mentioned, I’m going to remove the sash that came with my dress (a taupe that David’s Bridal likes to call “Latte”) and replacing it with a mint green sash. I knew I either wanted the shrug to match perfectly, or coordinate very well. When looking for yarn for the veil, I found this lovely gray/green (“Peridot”) colorway of Handmaiden Great Big Sea that looked great with the champagne color of my dress, and also had some of that mint green in there. It was different enough that it didn’t clash with the sash, but enough of the same that it didn’t look too crazy or out there.

I couldn’t quite get the color right in these photos – the bottom is most accurate for the dress and purse, and the top is best for the yarn.. the yarn is not that dark or grey as it looks. That little purse is another wedding project I completed a few weeks ago, and is made using the same fabric as the sash for my dress will be.

I spent a long time emailing patterns back and forth with Lindsey, and decided on the Posh Wedding Shrug. I love the length, it’s really easy to knit, and the lace pattern is just lovely. I’m undecided about adding the ribbon thread through the cuffs, but we’ll see. I also love the picot edging. I’ve finished one of the sleeves, and am almost done with the second – then I’ll graft them together, and knit the picot edging! Exciting!

Posh Wedding Shrug

Posh Wedding Shrug

Posh Wedding Shrug Back

Posh Wedding Shrug Back

I don’t plan to wear this the entire time – I probably won’t wear it for the ceremony, but will put it on later (in case it’s cold at all), and will have some photos taken with it as well.

The Chuppah:

Reason number 143 that Lindsey is so awesome: she offered to knit our chuppah. She said she had been intending to knit us an afghan as a wedding gift, and a chuppah really isn’t too far from that. This means a lot to me because I made the quilt that Ben & Lindsey were married under at their wedding this past summer (which reminds me that I have to finish the quilt for them!). I had to talk Dan into the chuppah, but he’s warming up to it slowly. I think it’s a beautiful wedding element.

Best Lady Wraps:

I’m still planning to knit the Best Ladies wraps, as their gift for being a part of our wedding.

I need to get knitting!


19 Responses

  1. Wow, that is such a lovely idea to knit your veil! And when you’re done, you can use it as a shawl and it will have special significance! I know I’ll never wear my veil again so great call!

    I also love that I Do shrug so much! I’m already married but I keep wondering if I can knit it for myself in another colorand just have it as a regular shrug. I can’t wait to see everything come together!

  2. Lovely! I recently finished a shetland tea shawl. Mine came out a bit small, certainly smaller than the one in the photo you have there. Then again, I pretty much never swatch for lace.

    Have fun knitting!

  3. I like that the chuppah is reason #143 that I’m awesome.

  4. Good for you! It looks like it’s all going to be beautiful. I love the latte color, it’s so classy and elegant.

    As someone who did almost their entire wedding (invites, centerieces, decorations, favors, some gifts, etc.) by hand… can I just say something? Be kind to yourself, by that I mean: give yourself some leeway and don’t let the idea of having everything handmade by *you* take over your precious sanity and time. Ask me how I know.

  5. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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  7. Happy birthday Jessie!!

  8. Happy happy birthday, Jessie!

  9. First, happy birthday! Second, I LOVE your dress!

  10. Happy birthday Jessie from long time artist Framer friend of Lindsay!! Im still working on the scarf she taught me to knit like four yrs ago!!! Ha your blog is very inspiring I will have to finish mine soon!!! Yppah yadhtrib

  11. Happy Birthday Jessie!

  12. Happy birthday! Hope it’s great! 🙂


  14. 1. Happy birthday!

    2. Pretty dress! And good call on removing the sash. I’m sure it’ll look a hundred times better with something you’ve knit yourself. : )

  15. Happy Birthday!!!!

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  17. Kudos to you! I hadn’t thguoht of that!

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